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grid kitchen pictures


  • Jennifer Gane started the conversation

    Hi, I’m trying to recreate the animation on the images as shown on under BEST DESIGNS on home-three of the demo (screenshot attached).

    How is it done? Is it a setting on a post grid or something else?

    THanks Jen

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    Vic replied

    Hello sir, 

    Please go to menu " designs" to add it on:  http://prnt.sc/f6w0ku

  • Jennifer Gane replied

    There seems to be an error on the designs page -  sql problem. 

    Is it possible to use the design effects with pages or posts? We don't want the 'book options' to be shown at all. 


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    Vic replied

    Hello sir, 

    You is running the site in localhost, right? If so, could you use lighshot to show issues for us?